Helpful Technical and Business Blog for Small Businesses

All the recent entries from our Technical (and Business) Blog

Helpful Technical and Business Blog for Small Businesses

All the recent entries from our Technical (and Business) Blog

by Jonathan

How can Integrated I.T Support help your business during healthy growth?

We all love healthy growth in our business. It’s exciting and exhilarating! It can also be a little scary and stressful if you don’t get it right. Sometimes growth can be quick and sometimes a little slower over a period of time. In either case, if you do not have the processes and framework in […]

How to use effective I.T. when a business changes

When a business goes through change, there are many factors that the business owner needs to plan for. Employees, office setup and costs, informing customers of the change and so much more. One aspect that is often overlooked is the web and I.T. the business uses. This could be anything from network cabling in the […]

Integrated I.T. Support Service

What the heck is an Integrated I.T. Support Service? It’s a unique service offered to businesses in the Plymouth area only by Anything I.T. Read on to find out why it is so different and why it can be so beneficial to your business. Partnering Partnering with you and your business to create a sustainable […]


Anything I.T. offers a superb range of products and services to help small businesses. Products such as OFFICE 365 FOR BUSINESS PREMIUM can provide efficiency and a quick way to access certain information. Why would that be important? Because having trouble-free/speedy access to information and the ability to get the right information to your customers […]

New Price List

We have introduced a price list in PDF format that our customers (and indeed prospective customers) can download and view at their leisure. The list shows most of our popular products and services, if you do not see something then it does not mean we do not provide that service or product. Just ask for […]

New (for 2019-2020) Bryce Properties website launched

A few days ago we launched the new Bryce Properties website! The customer is super happy and that is very pleasing for us. We’ve been working with Bryce Properties for a number of years. In fact, the first version of their website was back in 2008! How time flies! Who/What is Bryce Properties? Bryce Properties […]

FREE Excel Spreadsheet Template – Recording Hours Worked

Previous Next “Recording Worked Hours” (by Client/Project) We all like free stuff don’t we? Especially if it proves useful! Here on this page, I’m offering you free of charge a useful spreadsheet template I created for recording hours worked. “Recording Hours Worked.xlsx” It’s a spreadsheet I’m using myself so I’m getting first-hand experience of using […]

How to run two Chrome browser windows, each with a different colour theme

Ever thought it would be useful to have two Chrome browser windows running, one for your personal websites (such as social media, personal email and news), the other for your business websites (business email, productivity and customer relations management)? Each with its own colour theme? Of course, you can do that with the default Chrome […]

A 10-minute Introduction to Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a system created by Google to help website owners with statistical information about their website. Do you remember the old website hit counters? They used to be pretty much the only way you could tell how popular your website was! Google devised a system where a large amount […]

From not being listed on Google to who knows where!

So the Anything I.T. website has just been launched, but the website is not even listed in the Google Index (more on that another time)! This means that even searching on Google for “Anything I.T. Plymouth” doesn’t reveal our site! Clicking through the search results does not find our site at all! So I’ve made […]

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