Who the heck are Anything I.T.?

About Us

Of course you’re interested in who we are. So check out the details below!

Who the heck are Anything I.T.?

About Us

Of course you’re interested in who we are. So check out the details below!

by Jonathan

About Anything I.T. - Overview

Anything I.T. consists of a small group of technical, admin, support, and programmers. Our aim is to provide a great service where our clients come to trust us and use us as their ‘go to’ source for anything to do with tech.

We believe we have a great balance of technically minded people and support and admin minded people in the team.

Anything I.T. – The Business

The business has been around since 2003 and now supports a number of different business services that small business owners in the Plymouth and South West of the UK might need. Based in the centre of Plymouth, we are easily able to meet up with potential clients to discuss requirements. Failing that, we love technology so video calling and screen sharing is a thing too!

And here is an introduction to the team!

Jonathan, Adam, Alex, and Neil. Read on!

Team Members

Jonathan (Founder)

Jonathan first got involved in the technical side of computing when his Uncle brought him a new PC back in 1994!

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately!), the PC was in pieces so Jonathan and his Uncle spent hours and hours putting it together, installing Windows 3.11 and troubleshooting problems (no Google in those days!).

Now, Jonathan is super keen on the ethos of working creatively (not competitively) with clients and like-minded associates.

Check out his person blog at jonathanburrows.co.uk

Email Jonathan direct: jonathan@anythingit.net

Key Skills

  • Web Design
  • WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Management
  • Shopify E-Commerce
  • SEO
  • I.T. & Web Support
  • Networks (Internet/Routers)
  • Social Media
  • Office Applications
Alex on the E-Commerce and Admin team at Anything I.T.

Alex (E-Commerce/Support)

Alex joins the team in 2019 and specialises in customer support, organisation, and setting up e-commerce online stores.

He has a history in retail and has recently set up his own gaming stream on Twitch.tv.

He brings an energy into the team that is freshening and full of belief that we can help our customers succeed.

It’s fair to say he picks up the pieces that others may miss.

Key Skills

  • Shopify E-Commerce
  • Client Support
  • Administration
  • Social Media
  • Organisation
  • Data Entry
Neil of Comtec ICT Services

Neil (Comtec ICT Services Ltd.)

Neil is our trusted associate from Comtec ICT Services Ltd. Comtec specialises in Internet and Telecomms solutions but with tremendous Computer Support and Training experience too.

Key Skills

  • Training
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • I.T. Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Telecoms
  • Office Phone Solutions
  • VOIP
  • Virtual Landlines
  • Internet Provision
We listen and learn about your business. We respect your business priorities and financial restraints when providing the right solutions.
Solutions that help your business grow and become more proficient. Get in touch to find out how we can help. We don’t bite!
Anything I.T. Plymouth Limited

Send an email and we will be in touch as soon as possible

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