Job System

A Ticketing System for Letting Agents, Contractors, and just about anyone else with a team.

On this page short descriptions of what this system can do for you and how Anything IT supports your business: Tradespeople and teams; Letting Agents and Landlords.

Tradespeople and their teams

I know of many teams near where I live that struggle to effectively, and reliably, service their customers. I think that once a team starts growing past two or three team members, the difficulties for the business and the business owner increase.

More specifically, difficulties such as managing the jobs coming in, ensuring they are completed and then invoiced smartly, are among the daily problems the team manager or business owner has to deal with.

Taking dozens of phone calls every day, making phone calls to organise the team members, then later checking jobs have been done, then of course informing the customer.

Last but not least, remembering to send of that invoice!

Job System will be able to help you and your business be more profitable and efficient. Because you know, providing a reliable and efficient service to your clients will in the long term give your customers a reason to stay with you.

Customer retention should not be overlooked when it comes to business success.

If you would like to be kept in the loop as to this systems availability and details, visit the Job System website, type in your email address and click send.

Letting Agents and Landlords

Sometimes, keeping a track of dozens or even hundreds of tasks such as maintenance, inspections, certifications, and tenant communications, can be daunting, and it has to be said, a little worrying at times.

Maintenance, for instance, can be difficult to keep track of. Job System provides a way where your team members can access each request, and where your tenants can respond. Job System also allows your team to create tickets to inform tenants of things taking place, such as planned visits to their home, such as electrical or gas safety tests.

We will provide more information here as and when we near completion. Send us your email via the Job System website to keep up-to-date.


How great would it be if your customers could email an email address and the information automatically creates a ticket in your Job System?

What if you then responded and the customer gets and email reply? They could then reply to that email and the information automatically added to the ticket!

More coming later on auto-assignments to team members, saved replies (providing information regularly asked for), see how you and the team are doing with reporting, have your team get notifications on their phones via WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, Slack, and then be able to reply straight from their phone without the need to login to the Job System portal.

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