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In partnership with Comtec ICT Services, we can now offer MBX services. The offering is a remarkable new one that combines your landline and mobile networks into one service.

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One small feature we love

Why not consider a ‘virtual’ local phone number? A virtual phone number means you can display on your website or your marketing material a local phone number (such as an 01752 number if you are in Plymouth). The calls can actually come through to your mobile but your customers are getting a professional feel right from the word go by calling you in this way. Send an email to us to find out more.

A Remarkable MBX Service

Check out some of the benefits:

  • Unlimited UK minutes and texts
  • Connect up to two SIP phones
  • Free SIM to turn your mobile into a third extension
  • Full office phone system including an extension number
  • Bring your number(s)£20/mth per user, £5 setup charge

More Features = Better Performance

Because MBX is a Landline SIM, it enables you to provide features previously unheard of on a mobile platform.

  • Ring/Hunt Groups enable you to distribute calls across multiple mobile phones
  • Pair up to two SIP desk phones to each SIM, providing the best of both worlds
  • Extension-to-extension dialling means all devices – mobile or desk – have a short extension number
  • Voice menus enable you to automate inbound call handling
  • A single network means you can make and receive calls on any device using any number
  • Call recording will faithfully record all calls and texts and send them to a mailbox you nominate
  • Time-of-day routing enables you to route calls around your working hours
  • All call records in one place
  • Easily update contacts with a central phone directory

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